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In This Topic
    AppointmentsCoverPane Class
    In This Topic
    Provides a surface for painting appointment boxes over an arbitrary visual intervals layout.
    Object Model
    AppointmentsCoverPane Class
    <ContractVersionAttribute(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, 65536)>
    Public Class AppointmentsCoverPane 
       Inherits CoverElementsPane
    [ContractVersion(Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, 65536)]
    public class AppointmentsCoverPane : CoverElementsPane 
    AppointmentsCoverPane allows you to visually represent a set of appointments that fit in a time range exposed by a current view, and to draw appointment boxes relative to UI elements representing VisualIntervals covered by the appointment. The AppointmentsCoverPane element, being placed somewhere inside C1Scheduler visual tree (usually in C1Scheduler's ControlTemplate), provides a surface where it draws appointment boxes relative to UI elements representing VisualIntervals. AppointmentsCoverPane is capable to recognize the case when the appointment box must be divided into two or more visual boxes, for example, if appointment covers three days in the Working Week View, AppointmentsCoverPane will automatically draw three boxes for the appointment, each box in a corresponding day column, with starting and ending edges positioned at interval UI elements corresponding to start and end time of the appointment in this day.

    AppointmentsCoverPane provides this functionality for an arbitrary UI representing VisualIntervals. To make it possible, each element that can be treated as VisualInterval UI representative (usually it's an outer (root) element in the C1Scheduler.VisualIntervalTemplate definition) must have the attached CoverElementsPane.OrientationProperty assigned (CoverElementsPane is the base class for AppointmentsCoverPane). The assigned value indicates a chronological flow direction of interval elements and can take Horizontal or Vertical values. For example, interval elements in the Working Week View have it assigned to Vertical, while elements of Month View assign it to Horizontal. A content of an appointment box of AppointmentsCoverPane is represented by DataTemplate defined in the C1Scheduler.IntervalAppointmentTemplate property.

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