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C1.Xaml.Schedule Namespace / C1Scheduler Class / IsDragDropDisabled Property

In This Topic
    IsDragDropDisabled Property (C1Scheduler)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a System.Boolean value that indicates whether the C1Scheduler doesn't allow appointment resizing and drag operations. This is a dependency property.
    <C1DescriptionAttribute("C1Scheduler.IsDragDropDisabled", "Disables drag and drop operations.")>
    Public Property IsDragDropDisabled As Boolean
    [C1Description("C1Scheduler.IsDragDropDisabled", "Disables drag and drop operations.")]
    public bool IsDragDropDisabled {get; set;}
    Disabling of appointment resizing and drag operations is implemented with the help of IsDragDropDisabled property in default styles and templates. Make sure to honor IsDragDropDisabled property value in custom styles and templates.
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