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C1.Xaml.Schedule Namespace / C1Scheduler Class / IsInPlaceEditingDisabled Property

In This Topic
    IsInPlaceEditingDisabled Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets a System.Boolean value that indicates whether in-place editing of appointments is enabled for an end-user. This is a dependency property.
    <C1DescriptionAttribute("C1Scheduler.IsInPlaceEditingDisabled", "Disables in-place editing.")>
    Public Property IsInPlaceEditingDisabled As Boolean
    [C1Description("C1Scheduler.IsInPlaceEditingDisabled", "Disables in-place editing.")]
    public bool IsInPlaceEditingDisabled {get; set;}
    This value only affects a user who is interacting with the control. All data can always be modified programmatically. Note: disabling of in-place editing is implemented with the help of IsReadOnly property in default IntervalAppointment templates. Make sure to honor IsInPlaceEditingDisabled property value in custom IntervalAppointment templates.
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