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C1.Xaml.Schedule Namespace / C1Scheduler Class / NavigateToPreviousAppointment Method / NavigateToPreviousAppointment() Method

In This Topic
    NavigateToPreviousAppointment() Method
    In This Topic
    Makes the nearest appointment before SelectedDateTime visible in the control UI.
    Public Overloads Function NavigateToPreviousAppointment() As Boolean
    public bool NavigateToPreviousAppointment()

    Return Value

    This method returns a value indicating whether the requested appointment has been found and made visible.
    This method sets the SelectedAppointment property to the previous appointment found and the SelectedDateTime property to the start time of the appointment. If the requested appointment has not been found, then the method changes nothing.

    This method implements the NavigateToPreviousAppointmentCommand command.

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