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    Key Features
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    Scheduler for UWP contains the following features:

    The C1Scheduler control includes four built-in views, allowing you to offer a variety of ways for users to view their schedules. The included view types are day, week, work week, and month. The control also supports the creation of custom views.

    Built for touch-first and immersive Windows apps, the C1Scheduler control provides gesture-based date navigation. Users can change the current month, week or day by just swiping left or right. The control also works great for desktop and mouse users with navigation buttons and scrollbars. Users can even drag appointments to change their duration and start time.

    C1Scheduler provides a complete appointment editor that you can use without writing much code. You can further customize the appointment editor to meet your app's specific requirements.

    Bind the control to any IEnumerable data source. Plus, we give you the ability to persist appointment data as XML between runs of the application.

    Save or load data in XML and iCalendar (iCal) formats.

    You can create and use custom schedule views in addition to any of the built-in views. For instance, create a week view with the days stacked vertically.

    C1Scheduler can display reminder dialogs at specified times before an appointment occurs. Users have the option to dismiss one or more reminders, open the appointment, or reset the reminder to appear again later (snooze).

    No work is required to match your application's style using any of the built-in themes on Windows. Of course, you can also create a custom theme by simply setting brush properties in Visual Studio.