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    In This Topic

    The C1Scheduler control allows you to choose between four different views: Month, Week, Work Week, and Day.  Changing the initial calendar view is simple, and requires you to set just one property: ViewType. By default, the control will appear in Month view.

    The following XAML markup samples show the ViewType property:

    <c1:C1Scheduler Name="sched1" ViewType="Month"></c1:C1Scheduler>
    <c1:C1Scheduler Name="sched1" ViewType="Week"></c1:C1Scheduler>
    <c1:C1Scheduler Name="sched1" ViewType="WorkingWeek"></c1:C1Scheduler>
    <c1:C1Scheduler Name="sched1" ViewType="Day"></c1:C1Scheduler>

    You can also set the ViewType with just one line of code:

    sched1.ViewType = ViewType.Month;
    sched1.ViewType = ViewType.Week;
    sched1.ViewType = ViewType.WorkingWeek;
    sched1.ViewType = ViewType.Day;


    Select the header text for the view you'd like to see: