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C1.UWP Assembly / C1.Xaml Namespace / Extensions Class / ContainsFileAsync Method
Starting folder.
Relative path.

In This Topic
    ContainsFileAsync Method
    In This Topic
    Returns true if a file exists at a given path relative to the given folder.
    Public Shared Function ContainsFileAsync( _
       ByVal folder As StorageFolder, _
       ByVal relativePath As String _
    ) As Task(Of Boolean)
    public static Task<bool> ContainsFileAsync( 
       StorageFolder folder,
       string relativePath


    Starting folder.
    Relative path.

    Return Value

    True if file exists. False - otherwise.
    NOTE: Even if the files with the given name only match the resource key - it will return true. I.e. if relative path points to Logo.png, but there is only Logo.scale-100.png - the method will still return true.
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