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    Changing C1Sparkline's Appearance
    In This Topic

    The C1Sparkline control has specific appearance properties which you can use to customize your application. For a full explanation of the appearance properties, please see the C1Sparkline Appearance Properties topic.

    The C1Sparkline's Appearance properties can be set in XAML markup or in code.

    In Markup

    Insert the following markup into the <c1:C1Sparkline> tag to set some of the control's appearance properties:

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    SeriesColor="#FF4BC128" ShowFirst="True" ShowHigh="True" AxisColor="#FF2859C1".

    In Code

    To set the C1Sparkline's appearance properties, your code should resemble the following:

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    sparkline.MarkersColor = Colors.DeepPink;
    sparkline.DisplayXAxis = true;
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