ComponentOne Zip for UWP
C1.UWP.Zip Assembly / C1.C1Zip Namespace / C1ZipFile Class / Password Property

In This Topic
    Password Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the password to use when adding or retrieving entries from the zip file.
    Public Property Password As System.String
    public System.string Password {get; set;}

    If the Password property is set to a non-empty string, any entries added to the zip file will be encrypted and protected by the password. To extract these entries later, the same password must be used.

    The password applies to all entries from the moment it is set. If you set the password to a non-empty string and then add several entries to the zip file, all entries will use the same password.

    Although C1Zip supports Unicode characters in passwords, several popular zip utilities do not. To ensure your encrypted zip files can be opened with third-party utilities, use passwords that consist of ASCII characters only.

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