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    Key Features
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    Some of the main features of Zip for UWP are the following: 

    Easily obtain zip file information, including a detailed list of the zip file's contents. You can also control file information by adding and retrieving comments and control path information for individual entries in the zip file, and getting and setting the global zip file comment. Access files within a zip archive by index or file name with ease using the C1ZipFile and C1ZipEntry classes.

    C1Zip supports data encryption, so you can create secure archives that require a password to unzip. With C1Zip you can also decompress archives that are encrypted so long as you have the original password used when the zip was created.

    XML is one of the most common formats used by Web applications. XML data typically compresses to about 10% of the original size.

    The C1Zip library is available for every .NET platform including Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, WinRT and UWP. Re-use much of the same code and support more than one platform. The Microsoft ZipArchive and Compression classes are only available in .NET 4.5 on Windows 10.

    Compress multiple folders together using Zip for UWP and extract the files from the zipped folder while preserving its folder structure.

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