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    C1.BarCode Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassThe exception thrown when an error is caused by an inapplicable value of the barcode control.
    ClassThe basic options for some BarCode.
    ClassThe options of Code25intlv.
    ClassThe options of Code49.
    ClassUsed only for WINFORMS to use classes like QuietZone and ModuleZite as comlpex properties. Realization of INotifyPropertyChanged interface.
    ClassThe options of DataMatrix.
    ClassThe options of Code128
    ClassThe options of GS1Composite
    ClassThe options of MicroPDF417
    ClassRepresents the width of narrow and wide bars.
    ClassThe options of PDF417.
    ClassThe options of QRCode
    ClassA quiet zone is an area of blank space on either side of a barcode that tells the scanner where the symbology starts and stops.
    ClassThe options of RSSExpandedStacked
    ClassRepresents the overall size of barcode control.
    EnumerationSpecifies the barcode caption position relative to the barcode symbol.
    EnumerationSpecifies the print direction of the barcode symbol.
    EnumerationInternal EnumErrorCode
    EnumerationType of code, or symbology, the barcode control will use to generate the barcode.
    EnumerationThe symbol size enumeration for ECC000-140 mode.
    EnumerationThe enumeration of encoding char set under ECC200 mode.
    EnumerationThe symbol size enumeration for ECC200 mode.
    EnumerationThe ECC mode enumeration.
    EnumerationComposite symbol type.
    EnumerationMicroPDF417 encoding compaction mode.
    EnumerationMicroPDF417 encoding compaction mode.
    EnumerationSpecifies PDF417's barcode type.
    EnumerationSpecifies the QRCode's error correction level.
    EnumerationSpecifies the QRCode's mask pattern reference.
    EnumerationSpecifies the QRCode's model.
    EnumerationThe alignment of text in the barcode control.
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