ComponentOne Web API Edition
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    2016v 1
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    • Added support for Report service.

    Excel Service

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the issue where excel file was not getting exported and error occurred after generating excel file from a XML file available in storage, which was posted from client.
    • Fixed the issue where user observed a javascript error after importing an excel file in Excel Service sample page.
    • Fixed the issue where File Name was not getting displayed correctly in the generated excel file.


    • Column header is exported to excel file after exporting FlexGrid to excel format by setting IncludeColumnHeader to false.

    Image Service

    No change

    Web API Explorer

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue related to IIS deployment.
    • Fixed error [The "FlexGridXlsxConverter.fromWorkbookOM" method is deprecated xxx] that occurs while generating excel file which is set "Type" as "JSON" configured on server and posted from client.
    • Fixed issue where user could not export flexgrid to excel by using "WebApi3" as service after updating the reference to Japanese.
    • Resolved request to change text "Select a report file" as bookmark.