ComponentOne BarChart for ASP.NET WebForms
Bar Chart Elements / Header and Footer
In This Topic
    Header and Footer
    In This Topic

    The header and footer elements are used to display descriptive information about the chart. They are controlled by the Header and Footer properties.

    The chart header and footer properties return a ChartTitle object that contains the following main properties:

    Property Description
    Compass A value that indicates the compass of the title. This determines the position of the title: North (top of chart), South (bottom of chart), East (right of chart), and West (left of chart).
    Style Contains properties that set the font, orientation, colors, and border of the title.
    Text Determines the position of the title.
    TextStyle A value that indicates the style of the title text.
    Visible Determines whether the title is visible.

    C1Chart sizes and positions the titles automatically, based on their contents and how the Compass property is set.

    Customizing header and footer elements

    The header and footer elements' text and alignment, position, border, colors, and font can be customized using the ChartTitle's properties.

    The Header element can be moved to the left (negative value) or right (positive value) using the X property and to the top (positive value) or bottom (negative value)using the Y property.

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