ComponentOne BarChart for ASP.NET WebForms
Bar Chart Elements / Series
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    The BarChartSeries object represents the data being plotted for the Bar chart. You can have one or more BarChartSeries on the C1BarChart. Each BarChartSeries is represented in a different color. The BarChartSeries can be added in design view through the BarChartSeries Collection Editor, in source view through the BarChartSeries element, or programmatically through the BarChartSeries object.

    Adding a BarChartSeries in Design View:

    1. Select the C1BarChart control and click on its smart tag.
    2. In the C1BarChart tasks menu, select the SeriesList item and this will open the BarChartSeries Collection Editor dialog box.
    3. Click Add to add a BarChartSeries member to the SeriesList collection.

    Adding a BarChartSeries in Source View:

    To write code in Source View

    <cc1:BarChartSeries Label="West" LegendEntry="true">
    <cc1:ChartXData StringValue="AIO"/>
    <cc1:ChartYData DoubleValue="5"/>
    <cc1:ChartYData DoubleValue="3"/>
    <cc1:ChartYData DoubleValue="4"/>
    <cc1:ChartYData DoubleValue="7"/>
    <cc1:ChartYData DoubleValue="2"/>
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