ComponentOne BarCode for ASP.NET Web Forms
C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.4 Assembly / C1.Web.Wijmo.Controls.C1BarCode Namespace / C1BarCode Class / EncodingException Property

In This Topic
    EncodingException Property
    In This Topic
    Gets the System.Exception that prevented the Text from being encoded.
    Public ReadOnly Property EncodingException As System.Exception
    public System.Exception EncodingException {get;}

    Most encodings have limitations that determine what type of text it can represent. For example, some are numeric-only and some require text of a specific length.

    If the value of the Text property cannot be represented using the current CodeType, then no bar code will be generated and the control will remain blank.

    In this case, the EncodingException property returns details about the exception that prevented the bar code from being generated.

    The code below sets the Text property and shows a message in case any errors were detected:
    this.C1BarCode1.Text = this.TextBox1.Text;
    Exception exc = this.C1BarCode1.EncodingException;
    this.Label1.Text = exc == null ? "" : exc.Message;
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