ComponentOne BarCode for ASP.NET Web Forms
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    Using the C1BarCode Control in a Document
    In This Topic

    If you want to include the barcode in a document, use the C1BarCode.ImageElement property to retrieve a resolution-independent image of the barcode.

    For example:

    ·         Visual Basic

    C1BarCode1.CodeType = C1.Win.C1BarCode.CodeTypeEnum.Code39

    C1BarCode1.Text = "123456"

    PictureBox1.Image = C1BarCode1.Image

    ·         C#

    c1BarCode1.CodeType = CodeTypeEnum.Code39;

    c1BarCode1.Text = "123456";

    pictureBox1.Image = c1BarCode1.Image;