ComponentOne CandlestickChart for ASP.NET Web Forms
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    Key Features
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    CandlestickChart for ASP.NET Web Forms provides the following unique key features:

    What makes these charts superior is that they’re powered by Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG is a perfect for creating rich and interactive visualizations in HTML5. Some benefits of charting with SVG include true client-side charting, DOM-friendly charts, hardware accelerated graphics, interactive animations and tooltips, and streaming visualizations. Plus, the charts require no additional plug-ins.

    C1CandlestickChart supports binding data from a remote data source using client-side script.

    All ComponentOne charts are optimized for streaming live data. The charts will animate as the data changes and show transitions to visualize the data in the data set.

    Add special effects to your bar chart. Enable transition settings, where on page load the chart may transition as a bounce, elastic, and so on.

    Associate tooltips and links with chart elements, so the chart responds to mouse events. This is done using an HTML image map, which is handled on the client.

    C1CandlestickChart's rich set of properties allow you to change the look and feel of your chart. Modify its appearance with different colors for series and for items in a series, and shadows for the Chart elements. For a better UX, the position, size, and color are also adjustable.

    C1CandlestickChart automatically creates the chart axes.

    The C1CandlestickChart control supports negative values and can display them nicely using the Origin property for each axis. The Origin property tell the axis where to draw its starting point. This is optimal for displaying positive and negative values on the same chart.

    Increase the readability of the bar chart with labels. Highlight an important data point, or provide information on data or on the chart.

    Ensure your UI works in every browser and every device without worrying about compatibility issues. Create interactive charts that render just as well in IE6 as they do on an iPad. ComponentOne ASP.NET Charts support these popular browsers: IE6+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+, and Chrome.


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