ComponentOne CandlestickChart for ASP.NET Web Forms
Candlestick Chart Elements / Legend
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    The legend element displays information about each data series of the chart. The chart legend displays the mapping between the physical colors and the data series.

    C1CandlestickChart automatically generates a Legend whenever data exists in the chart and if the ChartSeries.LegendEntry property is enabled. The name of each series is represented in the legend when the ChartSeries.Label property is specified. If there is no value specified in the ChartSeries.Label property then the series names appear as undefined in the legend.

    The legend is controlled by the ChartLegend property, which returns a ChartLegend object with the following main properties: 




    Contains text displayed in the legend title.


    Determines the position of the legend.


    Determines whether the legend is visible.


    Determines whether the legend items should be displayed in the horizontal or vertical direction.


    C1CandlestickChart sizes and positions the legend automatically, based on its contents and the ChartLegend.Compass and ChartLegend.Orientation properties.

    The legend’s orientation can be horizontal or vertical through its ChartLegend.Orientation property and its position can be north, south, east, or west through its ChartLegend.Compass property.


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