ComponentOne Carousel for ASP.NET Web Forms
Task-Based Help / Automatically Playing the Carousel Items
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    Automatically Playing the Carousel Items
    In This Topic

    If you choose you can automatically play items in the carousel as a slideshow. When AutoPlay is set to True the C1Carousel will automatically cycle through content items. When ShowTimer is True a progress bar will be displayed with a Play/Pause button to let users start and stop the slideshow at run time.

    In the examples below you'll add  autoplaying and a timer to the carousel.

    In Source View

    In Source view add AutoPlay="True" ShowTimer="True" to the <cc1:C1Carousel> tag so it appears similar to the following:

    To write code in Source View

    <cc1:C1Carousel ID="C1Carousel1" runat="server" AutoPlay="True" ShowTimer="True">

    At Design Time

    In Design view, select the C1Carousel control and in the Properties window set the following:

    In Code

    Add the following code to the Page_Load event:

    To write code in Visual Basic

    Visual Basic
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    Me.C1Carousel1.AutoPlay = True
    Me.C1Carousel1.ShowTimer = True                                                     

    To write code in C#

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    this.C1Carousel1.AutoPlay = true;
    this.C1Carousel1.ShowTimer = true;