ComponentOne ChartNavigator for ASP.NET Web Forms
Features / Range
In This Topic
    In This Topic

    ChartNavigator allows you to set the minimum and maximum values of the navigator. You can use the RangeMin property to set the start (left) range of the navigator and RangeMax property to set the end (right) range of the navigator.

    Complete the following steps to set the range of C1ChartNavigator:

    In Source View

    Set the RangeMin and RangeMax properties of the ChartNavigator within the <cC1:C1ChartNavigator> tag.

    Source View
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    <cC1:C1ChartNavigator ID="C1ChartNavigator1" runat="server" RangeMin="10" RangeMin="12">

    In Code

    Add the following code to the Page_Load event to set the height and width of the ChartNavigator.

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    this.C1ChartNavigator1.RangeMin = DateTime.Parse("2014-12-14").ToOADate();
    this.C1ChartNavigator1.RangeMax = DateTime.Parse("2015-01-04").ToOADate();

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    Me.ChartNavigator1.RangeMin = DateTime.Parse("2014-12-14").ToOADate()
    Me.ChartNavigator1.RangeMax = DateTime.Parse("2015-01-04").ToOADate()