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    What is Juice UI?

    According to its creators at appendTo, Juice UI is an open-source collection of Web Forms components that brings jQuery UI Widgets to your project with ease.

    Juice UI is the modern equivalent to the Ajax Control Toolkit. appendTo has done a great job at making this ASP.NET version of jQuery UI. Now jQuery UI is more accessible to .NET developers that are not yet familiar with JavaScript.

    For more information on Juice UI, see the Juice UI topic of this documentation, or visit the Juice UI web site at

    Wijmo Open for Juice UI

    During the development of Juice UI, we have been working closely with appendTo in order to help extend Juice UI. Since we have 18 Open Source jQuery UI widgets in Wijmo Open, we offered to create an extension of Juice UI using Wijmo Open’s widgets. By developing alongside appendTo on this project, we have also made sure that the Juice UI Framework is extensible so anyone can turn their jQuery UI widgets into ASP.NET controls and extenders. We really believe in this practice and hope that it continues to catch fire.

    The Wijmo Open for Juice UI extender controls are part of ASP.NET Web Forms Edition. Extender controls provide additional properties for Web server controls at design time, allowing you to extend the functionality of the controls and provide a richer Web experience for your end users, all without having to use any code.

    The Wijmo Open for Juice UI extender controls do not have a visual presence on the page. Simply assign the TargetControlID property of the extender control to the ID of the Web server control you want to extend. The extender properties then become available for the specified control. Note that if you add an extender but do not attach it to a control, the extender will appear as a placeholder on the page.

    For example, suppose you want to create an accordion. You add a standard Panel control to your page and enter some text that will eventually become the accordion content. If you add the WijAccordion control to the markup and set the TargetControlID property to the panel, the panel content is now formatted as an accordion, and you didn't even enter a single line of code! It's so simple. And using the WijAccordion properties, you can customize the accordion: change the expand direction, choose an animation effect, select a theme, and more.

    Wijmo Juice Controls

    The Wijmo Juice controls include the following:





    Form Decorator Controls









    Video Player