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Expanding and Collapsing / Expand Direction
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    Expand Direction
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    In Accordion control, you can set the direction in which the accordion page would expand to display the content area. By default, Accordion expands in downward direction. It provides ExpandDirection property in the C1Accordion class for expanding or collapsing the content area of the page. The ExpandDirection property sets the direction for expansion through ExpandDirection enumeration in one of the following directions.

    Expanding Direction


    Down (default)

    Accordion Expand Down


    Accordion Expand Up


    Accordion Expand Right


    Accordion Expand Left

    To set the direction for expansion in Accordion control to "Left", use the following code. This example uses the code from Quick Start.

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    c1Accordion1.ExpandDirection = ExapndDirection.Left;
    Note: In order to view the complete page with expanded content area within the viewable area of Accordion when expand direction set to left or right, you need to set the ContentWidth property.