ComponentOne Bitmap for WinForms
C1.Win.C1DX.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.Util.DX.Direct2D.Effects Namespace / DirectionalBlur Class / Angle Property

In This Topic
    Angle Property (DirectionalBlur)
    In This Topic
    The angle of the blur relative to the x-axis, in the counterclockwise direction. The units are specified in degrees. The blur kernel is first generated using the same process as for the Gaussian Blur effect. The kernel values are then transformed according to the blur angle using this equation and then applied to the bitmap. offset2D – amount of transformation introduced in the blur kernel as a result of the blur angle. dist – distance from the center of the kernel to the current position in the kernel. offset2d = (dist * cos(??), dist * sin(??) )
    Public Property Angle As System.Single
    public System.float Angle {get; set;}
    You can compute the blur radius of the kernel by multiplying the standard deviation by 3. The units of both the standard deviation and blur radius are DIPs. A value of zero DIPs disables this effect entirely.
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