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C1.Win.C1DX.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.Util.DX.Direct3D11 Namespace / DepthStencilStateDescription Structure
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In This Topic
    DepthStencilStateDescription Structure Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by DepthStencilStateDescription.

    Public Fields
    Public FieldD3D11_DEPTH_STENCILOP_DESC BackFace  
    Public FieldD3D11_COMPARISON_FUNC DepthFunc  
    Public FieldD3D11_DEPTH_WRITE_MASK DepthWriteMask  
    Public FieldD3D11_DEPTH_STENCILOP_DESC FrontFace  
    Public FieldBOOL DepthEnable  
    Public FieldBOOL StencilEnable  
    Public Fieldunsigned char StencilReadMask  
    Public Fieldunsigned char StencilWriteMask  
    Public Methods
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Returns default values for DepthStencilStateDescription.  
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