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    BulletGraph for WinForms Overview
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    Data visualization helps a user to effectively consume data analytics and explore insights. A type of linear gauge, bullet graph is a data visualization tool that displays a single key measure on a linear scale along with comparative measures and different qualitative ranges. The bullet graph was developed by dashboard design expert Stephen Few. Unlike gauges, bullet graphs do not take up a lot of space to show a single measure. They support more efficient reading, and can be used to analyse performance values such as profits, sales revenue, sales performance, KPIs etc.

    BulletGraph for WinForms comes with a no-frills linear design.The BulletGraph is a flexible, lightweight and high-peformance data visualization control. When it comes to metrics, BulletGraph packs a lot of interesting features that can drive your business goals, such as configurable orientation, export to image, custom styling and more.

    The following picture illustrates some of the capabilities of BulletGraph in presenting data on a dashboard in a sale statistics scenario. You can notice how the Bullet Graph control has been utilized to show different types of information like revenue, expenses, profit, sales etc. without taking up much space on the dashboard.