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    Appearance and Styling
    In This Topic

    It is possible to customize the appearance of the DateEdit control to better fit the applications that use the control. DateEdit offers the following styling features that allow changing bacground and foreground colors, adding borders, changing text alignment, and setting theme.

    For information about customizing the appearance of calendar pop-up or CalendarView, see Appearance and Styling in CalendarView Features.

    The following image displays styling features applied to the DateEdit control.

    The following code snippet shows how to implement styling features in CalendarView using relevant properties.

    ' set the border color
    C1DateEdit1.BorderColor = Color.DarkBlue
    ' set the border style
    C1DateEdit1.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle
    ' apply font settings
    C1DateEdit1.Font = New Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", 9.0F, FontStyle.Italic)
    ' set foreground and background colors
    C1DateEdit1.ForeColor = Color.Brown
    C1DateEdit1.BackColor = Color.LightCyan
    ' set text alignment
    C1DateEdit1.TextAlign = HorizontalAlignment.Left
    // set the border color
    c1DateEdit1.BorderColor = Color.DarkBlue;
    // set the border style
    c1DateEdit1.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle;
    // apply font settings
    c1DateEdit1.Font = new Font("Microsoft Sans Serif", 9F, FontStyle.Italic);
    // set foreground and background colors
    c1DateEdit1.ForeColor = Color.Brown;
    c1DateEdit1.BackColor = Color.LightCyan;
    // set text alignment
    c1DateEdit1.TextAlign = HorizontalAlignment.Left;
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