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C1.Framework.Drawing.Gdi.DeviceContexts Namespace / DeviceContext Class / DrawPolyLine Method
A System.Drawing.Point array indicates the line segments.

In This Topic
    DrawPolyLine Method
    In This Topic
    Draws a series of line segments by connecting the points in the specified array.
    Public Overridable Sub DrawPolyLine( _
       ByVal points() As Point _
    public virtual void DrawPolyLine( 
       Point[] points


    A System.Drawing.Point array indicates the line segments.
    Defines an exception class to handle the system error.

    The lines are drawn from the first point through subsequent points by using the current pen. Windows 95/98/Me: DrawPolyLine cannot draw more than a certain number of points. The limit depends on the line width (that is, the width of the pen selected into the DC) Line widthMaximum points allowed line width is 1 16K line width > 1 (that is, wideline) and device supports wideline 16K line width > 1 but device does not support wideline approximately 1360 (that is, approximately 16K/12)

    Any extra points are ignored. To draw a line with more points, divide the data into groups that have less than the maximum number of points and call the function for each group of points. Remember to connect the line segments.

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