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C1.Framework.Drawing.Gdi Namespace / Region Class

In This Topic
    Region Class
    In This Topic
    Represent the interior of a graphics shape composed of rectangles.
    Public NotInheritable Class Region 
       Inherits GdiObject
    public sealed class Region : GdiObject 
    A region is scalable because its coordinates are specified in world coordinates. On a drawing surface, however, its interior is dependent on the size and shape of the pixels representing it. An application can use regions to clamp the output of drawing operations. The window manager uses regions to define the drawing area of these regions are called clipping regions. An application can also use regions in hit-testing operations, such as checking whether a point or a rectangle intersects a region. An application can fill a region by using a Brush object. This class uses the Win32 GDI API's for handling regions. The GDI+ version System.Drawing.Region class just seems to be buggy and too slow.
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