ComponentOne CalendarView for WinForms
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    C1.Win.Calendar Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassProvides data for the C1CalendarView.BeforeDayTooltipShow event of the C1CalendarView control.
    ClassThe C1CalendarView control is used to create a user interface, allowing users to select a specific date (or dates) interactively. Control can display as one month or several months, and provide quick navigation through months and years.
    ClassDisplays and edits date and/or time values. Includes a dropdown calendar for easy input of datetime values.
    ClassRepresents the settings of drop down calendar.
    ClassProvides data for the C1CalendarView.DayFormatting event of the C1CalendarView control.
    ClassRepresents drop down calendar picker form.
    ClassProvides data for DateValueChanged and DateValueSelected events.
    DelegateRepresents the method that handles DateValueChanged and DateValueSelected events.
    EnumerationCalendar used with C1DateEdit.
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