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    CalendarView allows selecting single or multiple days depending upon the maximum number of days you can select. However, the control enables you to select only a single day by default. To specify the maximum number of selectable days, set the MaxSelectionCount property.  

    Multiple selection

    When selecting multiple days, CalendarView supports contiguous or non-contiguous selection. Contiguous selection lets you select adjacent days, while keeping the SHIFT key pressed. On the other hand, non-contiguous selection lets you select separate days, while keeping the CTRL key pressed.

    Selectable days

    Selectable days are the days that you allow to be selected. They are not set as disabled and they lie between the maximum and the minimum allowable dates. By default, the maximum and the minimum allowable dates are 12/31/9999 and 01/01/0001 respectively. To specify the maximum and minimum allowable dates, set the MaxDate and the MinDate properties respectively.

    Week number selector

    CalendarView provides the week number selector that appears vertically on the left of calendar. The selector contains week numbers that represent each week in the calendar month. Because a calendar year contains 52 weeks in total, CalendarView has week numbers from 1 to 52.

    The week number selector allows selecting all days in a specific week in a single click. Note that all days in a week are selectable only if MaxSelectionCount is greater than or equal to 7.

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