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    ADO.NET DataExtender Overview
    In This Topic
    ADO.NET DataExtender is a powerful component that works with ADO.NET datasets and provides additional rich data views in the native ADO.NET datasets. ADO.NET DataExtender allows you to set up a data model for a Windows Form by means of a single component named C1DataViewSet. ADO.NET DataExtender simplifies working with ADO.NET in fact ADO.NET DataExtender mediates with ADO.NET, automating reading the schema and data from the database, exposing database tables and views as regular ADO.NET objects and providing an ability to set up customized views of their data.

    ADO.NET DataExtender leverages ADO.NET features introduced with .NET 2.0, such as the ability to create entire datasets based on information contained in the database schema, including not only the data but also relations and constraints. In contrast to native ADO.NET, ADO.NET DataExtender allows you to reuse a single typed DataSet class that represents the whole database schema, with turned on constraints (including foreign key constraints), but populated with only a subset of data necessary in a certain application form. In general ADO.NET DataExtender simplifies data modeling and programming for Windows Forms applications.

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