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In This Topic
    VirtualModeKind Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enumeration of possible virtual modes a ClientViewSource can be in. Used in the ClientViewSource.VirtualMode property.
    Public Enum VirtualModeKind 
       Inherits System.Enum
    public enum VirtualModeKind : System.Enum 
    ManagedVirtual mode is managed by a GUI control bound to the ClientViewSource. That GUI control must have a control handler with the BaseControlHandler.VirtualMode property set to True.
    NoneVirtual mode is disabled.
    UnmanagedVirtual mode is not managed by a control handler, it is managed by the ClientViewSource itself that is unaware of what controls are bound to it. This option should be used only if you don't have a GUI control that supports virtual mode through a control handler. Although it allows to use virtual mode with any GUI bound control (with or without a control handler), it should be used with caution, only if you can't use the Managed option. See the "Programming Guide" in the Studio for Entity Framework documentation for more details.
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