ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
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    C1.Data Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassRepresents the client-side cache, the central hub of data access in the Studio for Entity Framework.
    ClassDefines a scope of data access. Provides facilities to create client views.
    ClassRepresents a client view, that is, a live view that is connected to a remote source, such as an System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext.
    ClassProvides data for the ClientView<T>.Loaded event.
    ClassExtension methods provided by Studio for Entity Framework.
    ClassRepresents a client view filtered by a filter key function, an operator and a filter key value.
    ClassProvides data for the C1.Data.DataSource.ClientCollectionView.PageChanging event.
    ClassRepresents a paged client view.
    ClassRepresents a client view that loads entities sequentially (progressively) page by page. The user sees the result and can interact with it before all pages are loaded.
    ClassProvides data for the C1DataSource.SavedChanges event.
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