ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
C1.LiveLinq.Indexing Namespace / IndexCollection<T> Class / IndexCollection<T> Constructor
The collection to be indexed.

In This Topic
    IndexCollection<T> Constructor
    In This Topic
    Initializes a new instance of the IndexCollection<T> class.
    Public Function New( _
       ByVal source As IObservableSource(Of T) _
    public IndexCollection<T>( 
       IObservableSource<T> source


    The collection to be indexed.
    Normally, you don't need to create instances of the IndexCollection<T> class in your code, they already exist in the instances of LiveLinq indexed collection classes. You need to create them explicitly in code only if you define your own indexable collection class and then only if it does not inherit from C1.LiveLinq.Collections.IndexedCollection<T>.
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