ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
C1.LiveLinq.Indexing Namespace / ScannerCollection<T> Class
The type of the elements of the indexed collection.

In This Topic
    ScannerCollection<T> Class
    In This Topic
    Represents a collection of indexes or subindexes.
    Object Model
    ScannerCollection<T> Class
    Public MustInherit Class ScannerCollection(Of T) 
    public abstract class ScannerCollection<T> 
    Type Parameters
    The type of the elements of the indexed collection.

    Any indexed collection (implementing the IIndexedSource<T> interface) has a collection of indexes attached to it. ScannerCollection<T> is the base class for the collection of indexes, IndexCollection<T>

    The ScannerCollection<T> class is also used in the Indexes property of the C1.LiveLinq.Indexing.Search.IndexQuery<T> class, the result of an indexing search operation such as Index.Find and others, where it contains subindexes.

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