ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
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    C1.LiveLinq.Indexing Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassBase class for the Index<T,TKey> class.
    ClassIndexes a collection by an expression (typically, by a field), providing fast access to items having particular values (or range of values) of that expression.
    ClassRepresents a collection of indexes attached to an indexed collection.
    ClassContains common part of the Index and Subindex classes.
    ClassDefines the kind of an index, the algorithm used by that index. Currently, the RedBlackTree algorithm is always used.
    ClassRepresents an exception that is thrown when errors are generated using LiveLinq components.
    ClassRepresents a collection of indexes or subindexes.
    ClassBase class for the Subindex<T,TKey> class.
    ClassDefines a subindex, an index definition subordinate to another index definition, its parent.
    ClassRepresents a collection of subindexes attached to an IndexDefinition<T>.
    InterfaceRepresents an indexed collection.
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