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C1.LiveLinq.LiveViews Namespace / View Class / Maintain Method

In This Topic
    Maintain Method (View)
    In This Topic
    Brings the view up to date with its source data.
    Public Overridable Sub Maintain() 
    public virtual void Maintain()

    If source data have not changed since the last time the view was maintained (updated), this method does nothing. It also does nothing if the view's MaintenanceMode is Immediate, because in that case the view is guaranteed to be in synch with its base data at all times. If the view is in deferred mode (its MaintenanceMode property returns true), the programmer can use the Maintain method to force updating the view.

    Note that it is not necessary to call Maintain to make sure you get updated data from the view. The view is automatically updated every time you request data from it, if base data changed since the last request, regardless of the view's MaintenanceMode.

    LiveLinq maintains views using optimized incremental algorithms, not simply re-populates them from scratch. It calculating the delta in the view from the delta in the base data. In most cases, it allows to propagate the change from base data to the view very fast.

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