ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
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    C1.LiveLinq.LiveViews Namespace
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    ClassRepresents a view having a single element calculated by aggregating a source view.
    ClassA group in a grouping view.
    ClassRepresents a sorted view.
    ClassRepresents an exception that indicates that a property used in a result selector of a live view is not virtual.
    ClassBase class for the View<T> class. Contains members that don't depend on the element type T.
    ClassRepresents a live view: a LINQ query result that supports two-way data binding and is kept up-to-date with base data.
    ClassRepresents a view element (item) for the purposes of dynamic, programmatic access to its properties and data binding.
    ClassProvides data for the ViewRowCollection.ViewRowAdding event.
    ClassRepresents a collection of ViewRow objects used for programmatic access to view elements (items) and for data binding.
    ClassAllows to control certain behavior of a property of the element type of a View.
    EnumerationEnumeration of the possible data binding modes. It is used by the View.DataBindingMode property.
    EnumerationSpecifies how a view is synchronized with changes in its base data.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and how a view must preserve item order if it exists in the source.
    EnumerationThe state of a view row with regard to edit, add and delete operations if they are performed directly on the view.
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