ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
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    C1.LiveLinq Namespace
    In This Topic
    ClassProvides for compilation and cache of queries for reuse.
    ClassIndicates that the properties of an object of a class still return correct property values after the object has been deleted from the collection it belonged to.
    ClassProvides a static (extension) method used as a hint that can be applied to an expression (usually, a property) in a query.
    ClassProvides a set of static (extension) methods for querying objects that implement C1.LiveLinq.Indexing.IIndexedSource<T>.
    ClassProvides a set of static (extension) methods used in queries to define live views.
    ClassRepresents a sorted C1.LiveLinq.Indexing.IIndexedSource<T>.
    ClassRepresents an exception that is thrown when Hints in a query require using a certain mandatory optimization which is impossible in the current query context.
    ClassProvides data for the IObservableSource<T>.Changed event.
    InterfaceProvides methods and events that are required for LiveLinq functionality, indexing and live views.
    InterfaceRepresents a transaction with an explicit scope.
    EnumerationSpecifies the actions taken by LiveLinq query optimizer when it encounters an Indexed() hint applied to an expression (usually, a property) in a query.
    EnumerationIndicates if a certain order is required in the result collection of an operation.
    EnumerationDescribes a change occurring in a collection.
    EnumerationEnumeration of the possible states an ITransaction can be in.
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