ComponentOne Data Source for Entity Framework
C1.Win.Data.Entities Namespace / C1DataSource Class

In This Topic
    C1DataSource Class
    In This Topic
    A data source control that simplifies data binding of GUI controls to data in a C1.Data.Entities.EntityClientCache. Can be used to bind multiple controls to different queries.
    Object Model
    C1DataSource Class
    Public Class C1DataSource 
       Inherits System.ComponentModel.Component
    public class C1DataSource : System.ComponentModel.Component 
    To bind a control to data in an C1.Data.Entities.EntityClientCache, put a C1DataSource on your form, specify the context type, populate the ViewSources collection with C1.Data.Entities.EntityViewSource objects to define views (based on queries), and bind the GUI control to the C1DataSource by setting the GUI control's DataSource and DataMember properties.
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