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    PdfDocumentSource Overview
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    ComponentOne's PdfDocumentSource is a document source that loads and renders PDF documents. The PdfDocumentSource component allows you to read, export and print PDF documents using few lines of codes. As a flexible and powerful document source, PdfDocumentSource enables you to load documents from files or streams, and supports PDF/A compliant documents. You can load embedded fonts containing PDF documents, print documents, export them to many formats (HTML, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG and GIF), and perform search text - all programmatically using PdfDocumentSource.  The document source runs without any dependencies on Adobe readers.

    Flow chart showing the working od PdfDocSource

    You can view a PDF document loaded by PdfDocumentSource using the FlexViewer control, a cross-platform viewer that renders multiple document types like PDF, SSRS, FlexReport and C1Report. To know more about FlexViewer, see Report and Document Viewer.