ComponentOne DynamicHelp for WinForms
C1.Win.C1DynamicHelp.4.5.2 Assembly / C1.Win.C1DynamicHelp Namespace / C1DynamicHelp Class

In This Topic
    C1DynamicHelp Class
    In This Topic
    Provides dynamic help for applications.
    Object Model
    C1DynamicHelp Class
    Public Class C1DynamicHelp 
       Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Control
    public class C1DynamicHelp : System.Windows.Forms.Control 

    The C1DynamicHelp control displays help topics from CHM, NetHelp and other help files.

    The HelpSource property specifies the help file containing the documentation.

    Topics in the help file can be associated with components in the application either by a programmer at design time, using the HelpTopic extender property, or without programmers, using the control's 'authoring mode' facilities.

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