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Using DynamicHelp for WinForms / For Developers: Mapping at Design Time
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    For Developers: Mapping at Design Time
    In This Topic

    C1DynamicHelp provides visual editing at design time to make it easier to map specific Help topics to controls within an application. You can use the C1DynamicHelp smart tag and Select Help Topic dialog box to quickly perform topic mapping.

    C1DynamicHelp Smart Tag

    In Visual Studio, the C1DynamicHelp component includes a smart tag. A smart tag () represents a short-cut tasks menu that provides the most commonly used properties for a control.

    To access the C1DynamicHelp Tasks menu, click the smart tag in the upper-right corner of the C1DynamicHelp control.

    Select Help Topic Dialog Box

    Within this dialog box, you can specify the topic to map to the control through the Table of Contents tab by simply selecting it, or you can choose the topic's context ID from the Context IDs tab. Additionally, you can specify here whether a topic should be shown when: the control gets focus; the mouse hovers over it; both; or neither, in which case, you can show the topic programmatically.

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