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Using DynamicHelp for WinForms / For Help Authors: Mapping in Authoring Mode
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    For Help Authors: Mapping in Authoring Mode
    In This Topic

    Topic mapping is generally performed by the application Help author or Information Developer; for that reason, the roles of the Information Developer and Software Developer in the process are clearly defined here, although one person may perform both roles.

    The files used for mapping include:

    You cannot begin mapping until you place your Help into the correct folder. NetHelp or .chm files should be copied to the install folder specified by the software developer for your application (for example: \\program files\componentone\DocToHelp\Help).

    When you have finished mapping topics, the .chm or NetHelp project files and the .xml containing the topic mappings must be given to the software developer.

    Note: The .xml mapping file should never be edited manually. If mappings need to be deleted, use the C1DynamicHelp authoring mode (see below).

    C1DynamicHelp Authoring Mode

    DynamicHelp for WinForms provides a special run-time mode, authoring mode, for Help authors to use for assigning topics to controls within an application. When activated, the authoring mode panel and toolbar appear.

    Information about the control being mapped to is provided in the Selected control area of the panel, which is made up of the following fields:


    Control name : type of control.


    The path of the control relative to its placement on the form. For example, a Node within a TreeView control may have a path that looks like this: Form1\TreeView1\Node0.


    Type of control.


    Topic to associate with the control.

    The software developer controls how you to activate and deactivate authoring mode.

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