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    DynamicHelp for WinForms Overview
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    DynamicHelp for WinForms is a container that allows you to view Help files in WinForms applications. Developers or Help authors can also use DynamicHelp to assign specific Help topics to controls within an application. The C1DynamicHelp WinForms control displays context-sensitive help corresponding to the control that is being hovered over or the control that has the focus. This type of Help system is an advanced feature available in applications such as Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Doc-To-Help, and others.

    C1DynamicHelp is conceptually similar to using tooltips to provide Help on individual controls and components. The main difference is that tooltips typically contain only a single sentence or paragraph. An actual Help topic, by contrast, typically contains more content, often including hyperlinks, images, tables, and so on. A C1DynamicHelp Help topic also supports selection and can be copied to the Clipboard.

    Topic mapping can be done by software developers or Help authors. The following topics provide detailed instructions for both groups.

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