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    Specifying the Source Help File
    In This Topic

    No matter who is going to perform the topic mapping, the software developer must specify the Help file that is going to be used in the application before mapping can occur. Either NetHelp or a .chm (compiled HTML Help) can be used by C1DynamicHelp. If using NetHelp, all NetHelp project files must be deployed with your application. If using HTML Help, only the .chm must be included.

    Any other types of Help files can be used, but this requires some additional programming; you can use the Provider property and IHelpProvider interface.

    Note: In Doc-To-Help, NetHelp project files are stored by default in the NetHelp folder; the compiled HTML Help file is stored in the HTMLHelp folder.

    To specify the source Help file to be used:

    1. From the Toolbox, double-click the C1DynamicHelp control to add it to your form. If you have not already added the C1DynamicHelp control to the Toolbox, see Adding the C1DynamicHelp Component to a Project.
    2. Click the C1DynamicHelp smart tag () to open the Tasks menu.
    3. Click the ellipsis button next to the HelpSource property.
    4. Locate and select the desired Help file. You can use any *.chm file or NetHelp *.htm file (use the default.htm or the file name that was used as the base URL for the NetHelp target).
    5. Click Open.