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    C1.Chart Namespace (C1.Win.FlexChart.4.5.2)
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    ClassStores load animation option
    ClassStores animation options.
    ClassSpecifies arguments for AnimationTransform event.
    ClassBase render event arguments.
    ClassProvides basic groups for DateTime values that extend beyond one month. Although default groups are provided, explicit selection of the groups and format are possible.
    ClassNumeric data range.
    ClassRepresents element size.
    ClassGridLength is the type used for various length-like properties in the system, that explicitely support Star unit type. For example, "Width", "Height" properties of ColumnDefinition and RowDefinition used by Grid.
    ClassContains information about a part of a FlexChart control at a specified coordinate.
    ClassStores animation options for FlexPie control.
    ClassBase class for data series.
    ClassTime data range.
    InterfaceAxis grouping provider.
    InterfaceGeneral distribution series
    InterfaceHistogram series
    InterfaceData range.
    InterfaceDefines the ranged histogram series properties and methods.
    InterfaceRender engine.
    EnumerationSpecifies animation direction.
    EnumerationAnimation settings.
    EnumerationSpecifies animation state.
    EnumerationSpecifies animation type.
    EnumerationSpecifies appearance of axis group separated.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis label position.
    EnumerationSpecifies axis type.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart element that may be found by the HitTest method.
    EnumerationAvailable selection modes.
    EnumerationSpecifies the chart type.
    EnumerationSpecifies content options.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart data type
    EnumerationSpecifies group type for time axis.
    EnumerationSpecifies easing function. Sets the timing function for the animation.
    EnumerationSpecifies the size type for ElementSize object.
    EnumerationSpecifies the error amount of the series, it can be a standard error amount, a percentage or a standard deviation.
    EnumerationSpecifies the direction of the error bar.
    EnumerationSpecifies the end style of the error bar.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of error value.
    EnumerationSpecifies fit type for trend line.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of Funnel Chart.
    EnumerationGridUnitType enum is used to indicate what kind of value the GridLength is holding.
    EnumerationHistogram appearance enums.
    EnumerationSpecifies the binning mode to define the bins of a Histogram.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle overlapped labels.
    EnumerationSpecifies label overlapping options.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart data label position.
    EnumerationSpecifies which scroll bars wiil be visible in legend.
    EnumerationUse the members of this enumeration to set the value of the LinePattern property in the ChartStyle class.
    EnumerationSpecifies measuring direction.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of MovingAverage Series.
    EnumerationSpecifies the orientation of chart element.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle overlapping labels.
    EnumerationSpecifies chart palette.
    EnumerationSpecifies how to handle pie data labels that are outside the corresponding pie segment.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of data labels on the pie chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies the position of chart element on the chart.
    EnumerationSpecifies the quartile calculation method of Box-whisker series.
    EnumerationSpecifies the chart type for FlexRadar control.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and where the Series is visible.
    EnumerationSpecifies slice attribute for FlexPie animation.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and how to stack the chart's data values.
    EnumerationSpecifies the type of marker to use for the SymbolMarker property. Applies to Scatter, LineSymbols, and SplineSymbols chart types.
    EnumerationText wrap mode of chart legend.
    EnumerationSpecifies whether and where the axis tick marks appear.
    EnumerationSpecifies time axis units.
    EnumerationSpecifies the treemap type.
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