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    Funnel Chart
    In This Topic

    Funnel charts are the charts that help in visualizing the sequential stages in a linear process such as order fulfillment. In such processes, each stage represents a proportion (percentage) of the total. Therefore, the chart takes the funnel shape with the first stage being the largest and each following stage smaller than the predecessor. Funnel charts are useful in identifying potential problem areas in processes where it is noticeable at what stages and rate the values decrease. For instance, a an order fulfillment process that tracks number of orders getting across a stage, such as orders received, processed, approved, released, shipped, completed and finally delivered.

    FlexChart offers the funnel chart in two forms:

    Trapezoid Funnel Chart

    StackedBar Funnel Chart

    Trapezoid chart Stacked Bar chart

    Create a Funnel Chart

    With FlexChart, you can create a funnel chart by setting the ChartType property of FlexChart class to Funnel. This property accepts the values from ChartType enumeration of C1.Chart namespace. To create a Trapezoid or StackedBar type funnel chart, you can set the FunnelType property to Default or Rectangle respectively.

    In case of a trapezoid funnel chart, FlexChart also provides options to set the neck width and neck height. These properties are available in the ChartOptions class accessible through the Options property of the FlexChart class.

    protected void SetupChart()
     #region setupchart
        //Setting FlexChart's Header 
        this.flexChart1.Header.Content = "Recruitment Funnel";
        this.flexChart1.Binding = "Value";
        //Binding FlexChart's AxisX to 'Name'
        this.flexChart1.BindingX = "Name";
        //Setting what value to show as data labels
        this.flexChart1.DataLabel.Content = "{value}";
        //Setting where to show data values
        this.flexChart1.DataLabel.Position = LabelPosition.Center;
        //Creating and adding series in FlexChart one for Value field 
        Series series = new Series() { Binding = "Value" };
        //Passing data in FlexChart
        this.flexChart1.DataSource = GetRecruitmentData();
        //Setting FlexChart type to Funnel
        this.flexChart1.ChartType = ChartType.Funnel;
            ''' <summary>
            ''' Method for initializing FlexChart
            ''' </summary
            Protected Sub SetupChart()
    #Region "setupchart"
                'Setting FlexChart's Header 
                Me.flexChart1.Header.Content = "Recruitment Funnel"
                Me.flexChart1.Binding = "Value"
                'Binding FlexChart's AxisX to 'Name'
                Me.flexChart1.BindingX = "Name"
                'Setting what value to show as data labels
                Me.flexChart1.DataLabel.Content = "{value}"
                'Setting where to show data values
                Me.flexChart1.DataLabel.Position = LabelPosition.Center
                'Creating and adding series in FlexChart one for Value field 
                Dim series As New Series() With {
                     .Binding = "Value"
                'Passing data in FlexChart
                Me.flexChart1.DataSource = GetRecruitmentData()
                'Setting FlexChart type to Funnel
                Me.flexChart1.ChartType = ChartType.Funnel

    Note that the above sample code uses a custom method named GetRecruitmentData to supply data to the chart. You can set up the data source as per your requirements.

    /// <summary>
    /// Method for creating data for FlexChart
    /// </summary>
    public static IList<CategoricalPoint> GetRecruitmentData()
        var data = new List<CategoricalPoint>();
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Candidates Applied", Value = 250 });
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Initial Validation", Value = 145 });
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Screening", Value = 105 });
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Telephonic Interview", Value = 85 });
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Personal Interview", Value = 48 });
        data.Add(new CategoricalPoint { Name = "Hired", Value = 18 });
        return data;
    ''' <summary>
    ''' Method for creating data for FlexChart
    ''' </summary>
    Public Shared Function GetRecruitmentData() As IList(Of CategoricalPoint)
        Dim data As List(Of CategoricalPoint) = New List(Of CategoricalPoint)()
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
             .Name = "Candidates Applied",
             .Value = 250
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
              .Name = "Initial Validation",
              .Value = 145
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
              .Name = "Screening",
              .Value = 105
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
              .Name = "Telephonic Interview",
              .Value = 85
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
              .Name = "Personal Interview",
              .Value = 48
        data.Add(New CategoricalPoint() With {
              .Name = "Hired",
              .Value = 18
        Return data
    End Function
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