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    Key Features
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    Broad Spectrum of Chart Types

    With 80+ chart types, FlexChart provides a wide range of charts to choose from. Starting from simple line chart and bar chart that come with several variations including stacked and 100% stacked options, the spectrum widens to the specialized charts such as treemap and sunburst.

    GDI+ and DirectX Rendering

    Render high quality charts with FlexChart as it provides support for DirectX and GDI+ rendering engine.

    Flexible Data Binding

    When it comes to binding, FlexChart provides enough flexibility as it gives you options to bind at the axis level, series level as well as chart level, to static arrays and dynamic lists, with single data source or multiple.

    Simple yet Powerful API

    With clear object model, FlexChart provides a simple and easy-to-use but powerful and efficient API that will not make your business applications slow.

    Built-in Chart Designer

    Provides great flexibility as you can edit various chart aspects such as appearance, binding, axes, legend, data labels etc. at run-time using the built-in FlexChart Designer.

    Enhanced User Experience

    FlexChart comes with many interactivity features such as selection, drilldown, scrolling, zooming, line markers, range selector and animation which enhance the overall user experience.

    Pre-defined Color Palettes

    With 16 pre-defined color palettes to choose from and an option to design custom palettes, FlexChart lets you create charts matching with UI of your business applications.

    Serialization and De-serialization

    Along with saving a chart as image, FlexChart lets you save an existing chart as an XML file or load it from the same to generate a new chart.

    Automatic Adjustment of Chart Elements

    FlexChart comes with built-in intelligence to automatically adjust the elements such as axis labelsdata labelslegend as per the available real estate until or unless their position is specifically defined.

    Rich Feature Set

    Apart from the features mentioned above, FlexChart provides a rich feature set in order to provide better presentation and ease-of-use while analyzing charts. Multiple axes, axis grouping, legend grouping, multiple plot areas, annotations, custom content in data labels and line markers, options to manage overlapping of axis or data labels etc. are just to name a few.

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