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In This Topic
    AutoClipboard Property (C1FlexGridBase)
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets whether the grid should handle the clipboard keys and automatically perform cut, copy, paste, and delete operations.
    Public Property AutoClipboard As Boolean
    public bool AutoClipboard {get; set;}

    Setting this property to true causes the grid to monitor the keyboard for the following clipboard keys:

    Copy: CTRL-INS, CTRL-C


    Paste: CTRL-V, SHIFT-INS

    Delete: DEL

    Cut, paste, and delete actions are performed only if the AllowEditing property is set to true.

    If you want to handle only a subset of the supported keys, add a handler to the System.Windows.Forms.Control.KeyDown event and set the Handled parameter to true to disable some of the keys.

    Automatic clipboard operations only affect the grid data. Styles and images are not copied, pasted, or deleted.

    Values copied to the clipboard are affected by the setting of the ClipboardCopyMode property.

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